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"Pilot Treatment System Zero Energy/Zero Discharge Desalination" 
J.B. Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant - Dana Point, Ca.

J.B. Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant

GELF has been developing advanced water treatment desalination technologies with the assistance of the Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) and scientists from around the nation. The technologies being developed transform brine waste (a byproduct of desalination) to energy and are capable of purifying water while minimizing, even eliminating, brine waste. The technologies can be used to purify water from ocean, groundwater, urban runoff, and wastewater to drinking water quality.

The J.B. Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant (JBL), operated by the South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA), is strategically located next to South Coast Water District (SCWD) ocean desalination test facility (See Fig. 1) and in close proximity to SCWD groundwater well #1 Ground Water Recovery Facility (See Fig. 2). SOCWA also services a community, Beach Road, that is located adjacent to urban runoff beach pond. SOCWA provides wastewater treatment service to Beach Road and there is a manhole located within five feet of the pond. (See Fig. 3) SCWD maintains and operates an ultraviolet disinfection system at the beach pond adjacent to Beach Road. (See Fig 3).

GELF has met with Metropolitan Water District (MWDOC) assistant general manager, Karl Seckel, SOCWA JBL general manager Betty Burnett, SCWD director Richard Erkeneff, Bill Green and Wayne Rayfield, the City of San Clemente Cynthia Mallett and GHD. An engineering firm hired as a consultant to the desalination project. During the meetings, GELF presented the Zero Energy/Zero Discharge desalination system and discussed how it can be used to desalinate a wide variety of waters.

On March 15th, 2017, GELF Betty Burnett offered space to GELF at SOCWA to conduct a research and development pilot demonstration of GELFs desalination technology.

(Fig. 1)  The South Coast Ocean Desalination Project pipeline overview

(Fig. 2) #1 Well Ground Water Recovery Facility overview 

(Fig. 3) Distance of manhole from polluted beach pond

(Fig 4.)  Foot print and location of pilot