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"Treatment System Zero Energy/Zero Discharge Desalination" 
The South Orange Coastal Ocean Desalination Project

The Project is in stage 3 planning. GELF desalination equipment is piloted at the J.B. Latham Wastewater Treatment adjacent to the proposed pipeline.
Location: Dana Point, California
Cost: $175 million (projected 2015 dollars)
Cost of Water: $1,300/acre-foot or $1,050/acre-foot w/Met incentive Production Capacity: 15 million gallons per day / 16,000 acre-feet per year
Community Benefit: 25% of local potable demand
Current Status: Phase 3 - Extended Pumping & Pilot Plant Testing
Completion Date: Operational as early as 2015/16
Unique Characteristics:
• Uses “slant well” technology and subsurface intake system.
• Protective of marine environment.
• Minimizes impacts to riparian habitat.
• Natural filtering of water through ocean floor.
• Significant reduction in pre-treatment costs